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Centre des Premières Nations Nikanite

The Centre des Premières Nations Nikanite (CPNN) of Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC) has been formally recognized since 1991. One of its main mandates is to ensure the academic training of First Peoples of Quebec.

The CPNN direction fulfils both administrative and educational functions. For several years, it has developed partnerships with First Nations communities that have chosen UQAC to provide academic training to their adult population.

The Mandate

The mandate of the Centre des Premières Nations Nikanite focuses on four axes:

  • Providing academic training for Aboriginal peoples in Quebec
  • Creating programs that meet their needs
  • Fostering specific research related to their culture and dissemination of the results
  • Ensuring the quality of services deemed necessary or useful for their training
  • Raising awareness on First Nations culture in the university community

The Centre des Premières Nations Nikanite is also a welcoming environment, a place for supervision and consultation for all First Nations students. At CPNN, they will find the information and the educational support that foster success of their studies.

The General Objectives

The Centre des Premières Nations Nikanite team’s main objectives are to:

  • Develop training programs
  • Offer teaching-learning activities
  • Implement research and creation projects and release the findings
  • Prepare students in the Educational Sciences program to complete their practicum
  • Providing an educational support to First Nations students having specific academic needs

Since its creation, the Centre des Premières Nations Nikanite consistently demonstrate great respect to First Nations by working with them towards the objectives set by the community representatives.

Pedagogical Council

Twice a year, the Centre des Premières Nations Nikanite (CPNN) brings together members of its pedagogical council, chaired by the Director of CPNN, which includes representatives of the various First Nations communities served by UQAC, professors, Indigenous students as well as educational organizations such as the First Nations Education Council, the Tshakapesh Institute, and the Atikamekw Nation Council. During the fall and winter sessions, members are convoked for consultation, information, and educational development purposes. This pedagogical council illustrates the need to work closely together to continuously improve our services and meet the specific needs of communities.

For a complete listing of members, click here.

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