Arts and culture

Short-Term Undergraduate Program in Cultural Transmission of First Nations Arts (UITAMU) (0707)

This program aims to train new professionals to face the challenging and important role played by arts in the preservation and revitalization of First Nations cultures, to promote reconciliation between arts, cultures, First Nations organizations and population, while working to build bridges between artistic creation and First Peoples through diffusion, and to help strengthen the sense of belonging and pride among First Nations.

For more information on UITAMU programs and language development in children of First Nations, click here.

Short-Term Undergraduate Program in History and Culture of First Nations of the North-East and of North America (0464)

The program is open to anyone interested in history and traditional and contemporary culture of the First Nations of northeastern North America.

The training emphasizes an exploratory approach to the history of Aboriginal Nations, by raising awareness to the different intrinsic aspects to tangible and intangible culture: human, territory, society, heritage, etc.


Short-Term Undergraduate Program in Audiovisual Production of First Nations (0443)

This program aims to train designers and creators in film and video ready to work within the First Nations communities and to give them autonomy in managing an independent production studio. The program gives students the opportunity to develop a self-reflective practice and a creative and critical attitude in regard to different modes of audiovisual production.

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