Short-Term Undergraduate Program in Language Development in First Nations Children (0576)

This program aims to develop students’ in-depth knowledge on normal and pathological development of oral and written language in children of First Nations of Quebec; it also aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills essential to the analysis and stimulation of language productions of children.


Short-Term Undergraduate Program in Written French Proficiency (0073)

This program aims to provide students with essential knowledge in the field of French language, especially in terms of written French, and bring it to mobilize this knowledge in the context of their professional activities.


Short-Term Undergraduate Program in Written French as a Second Language for First Nations (0676)

This program was created to improve competency in written French for First Nation learners. This program is meant to be innovative since it takes into account the fact that French is, for the majority of them, a second language and that, therefore, the course contents are designed with this in mind and according to methods exclusive to second-language teaching.


Certificate in Indigenous Technolinguistics (4114)

The goal of the program is to form technolinguists who will contribute, within their communities, to the preservation, promotion and revitalization of their language.

This program, while introducing Aboriginal students to general linguistics, is to make them acquire a good knowledge in writing in their own language so they can use it independently and to promote it in their community.


Certificate of Proficiency in Indigenous Language Transmission (4661)

The certificate aims to enable teachers and Aboriginal language specialists to intervene in the field of Aboriginal language with preschool, elementary, and secondary students of their community.


Short-Term Undergraduate Program in Indigenous Language Learning Intervention (0544)

The program objectives are to acquire theoretical knowledge concerning the teaching-learning methods of Aboriginal languages, develop a skill to observe and evaluate the various aspects of students’ progress on various plans related to the acquisition of an Aboriginal language, and know the spelling of the Native language by learning the grammatical structure and through exercises of reading and writing.

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